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At Atlantic Liquors, we know that some of you take your choice of beer seriously. That's why we carrry over 500 different choices. From good old local's choices like Dominion, Evolution & Dogfish (in all flavors and sizes) through old reliables like Miller Lite and Budweiser.



Wine comes from grapes, grapes are a food, you have to eat! Hmmmm......

Wine lovers of all type love Atlantic Liquors for their wine selection and prices. With over 2500 selections and with some brands available in multiple sizes one can get lost while perusing the aisles.



When it comes to spirits one would be hard pressed to find more variety than at Atlantic Liquors! From miniatures & 1/2 pints to 1/2 gallons, from Rail to Top Shelf. You won't believe your eyes when you see a mountain size display of the most well known brands around or when you see the best scotch, whiskey, vodka, bourbon or tequilas (to name a few) known to man.

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